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The Fast Life

While searching for El Marko i come across all sorts of reprobates misfits and crazy geniuses in strange countries all over the world, However it can be few and far between that  i get leads as to the where about’s of the illusive El Marko.

Sometimes while on my quest i find jems of marker history that just blow me away with the quality and craftsmanship of the work that must of been put into making these tools of signature. The SPEEDDRY brand is one of these jems and today i have two very old marker kits to show you from said brand.

Exquisitely made from Bakelite i have the SPEEDRY “brush pen standard” kit and the super heavy metal made SPEEDRY  “brush pen No 56” which has a self filling  capillary action, both of these pens are  beautifully made but the no 56 is a pure genius of design.

The Original SPEEDRY brush pen standard is one of the earliest markers i have ever found and at production the US patent was still pending, so it has no patent number, i would say it must be late 30’s to the 1940’s that this was made ,but that is just a guess and it could be earlier, if you have seen my post about Magic Markers these where the fore runners to them markers and i believe from the same company Sidney Rosenthals   “SPEEDRY” , however these pens i show you today i am still researching and its taking longer than i first thought and seeing as im busy travelling at the moment i will update the history later when i have realised my goal.

Speedry brush pen standard kit.

click image for larger photo

click on image to read

Speedry early ink and pipette

marker and ink

The SPEEDRY no 56 kit.

model no 56 parts


One response to “The Fast Life

  1. brett ⋅

    I have an item like the ones you discribe here and have no luck identifying it or how it was used you help would be much appreciated I know its old, it looks like a pen but not its only markings are ” speedry self-filling brushpen”
    ” U.S. patent applied for”
    “new York, U.S.A. – model # 34 Help me please I just want to know what my grandfather left me I don’t even know how it worked

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